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Replenishing Your Soul Essence

Replenishing Your Soul Essence Archangel Raphael through Trisha Michael

Through the grace of togetherness, we share the extension of our dreams. In dreaming, all is possible, and in these possibilities, we get to anchor them in grace, in a structure, and in a place that is divinely ours. So as we hold a dream of today and know that the energy will weave all the way through you to create that possibility to be yours. There is no dream outside your imagination that is not yours. All that is extended is extended now, and you are part of the dream that you are in.

Passion through your second chakra, which is the portal of passion, morphs your emotion to be strong in feelings of your truth. Passion places you in front of the crowd. In passion, you wear your emotion, your truth, and all your beliefs in front of all, saying, “I am right to do my truth, which is my passion and love that extends in all corners of my reality.” Passion participates in your identity. How do you name you? How do you create the brand of you? How do you hold your story? In your world now, you are the expectations of the outer and the inner.

You Are Conditioned on Every Level