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Rebuild the Greatness of Earth

Rebuild the Greatness of Earth Isis of Thebes and Karnak through Beverley Bright Star

Hello, my dears, this is Isis of Thebes and Karnak. I want to talk about something that has been very, very pressing for all of us lately: the relationships you have with each other as nations of the world. All of you are a part of a world community now and, as such as, are invested in each other’s lives — wants, likes, dislikes, and so forth — even though there are widely dispersed areas of cultural differences, customs, and traditions.

The ancient culture in which I was trained during my time in Atlantis was indeed considered a world culture too, in and of itself. In its original conception, there was unity between everyone, as that was the rich history taught to us when we were chelas and students of the great mystery schools on Atlantis. It was pressed deeply into our psyches that the community of humans on this planet were, in essence and in every way, in oneness and what is now considered unity consciousness with one another, even and especially those of us who were on the other side of the world in the great and beautiful expanse of what is now called the Pacific Ocean; then it was indeed called by another name — Oceanica. We knew then that all was one and hoped that all would be well and would remain that way.

Even during my long lifetime of some 430 years, I saw this start to slip away. By the time of my passing, which was only about twenty-five years before the final sinking, I knew by means of my psychic ability that the end was just around the corner. We, as a civilization and as a common people living on this globe, had failed not only to maintain unity consciousness but also failed each other as human beings in preserving that which was most beautiful about this ancient world: our love and respect for each other and for all life on the great Earth Mother we called Gaia.