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A New Dynamic for Living on Earth

A New Dynamic for Living on Earth Archangel Metatron through Thelma Bodnar

For eons, humans have chosen to expand themselves for the sole purpose of experiencing life in its fullness. That inner dynamic, which we call Spirit, resides within each of you, beckoning you to step forward and to acknowledge that there is more than meets the eye and more than is known to be possible in the current moment. That drive permeates the cells and asks you to expect more than can be seen, to not hesitate in the exploration of new possibilities, for there are always possibilities of an even greater awareness of experience available. You choose. And you choose safety, fear, comfort, expansion, exhilaration, mediocrity, or seemingly miraculous discoveries.

When you are fearful, you might choose to look for the easy way, the way that you are most familiar with — even though painful — the tried and true of what your life has experienced thus far. If you are feeling adventurous, you can light up everything around you, take chances, or look for new experiences that will heighten your awareness. Yes, there is the in-between, where you can take a step or two out of your comfort zone and feel good about how far you’ve come, or you might feel slight discomfort and fall back into the tried and familiar settings of your life.

You are always choosing, whether consciously or unconsciously. You are always allowing others to choose for you, so you say, or stepping up to the plate and becoming your I Am. We applaud your efforts, whether you move forward or stagnate for years on end. We realize the difficulties of your humanness and the courage it takes each day to welcome an unknown day to be laid out before you, whether planned or unplanned. It is all really an unknown, for second by second, minute by minute, it can all change in an instant from what it has just been.