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Instant Communication Frees You from Dishonesty

Instant Communication Frees You from Dishonesty Omnidimensional Beings through Kathy Wilson

We now speak of the portals through which we communicate. Actually, it is not so much communicating as traveling. We come through to you in our energetic form, leaving our physical form behind. Our physical form is not one you would recognize as such. It is more of a denseness of energy (but not as dense as yours); therefore, it would be difficult for you to recognize us as a physical form. You would see it more as a fog of many colors with light playing inside of it. As you think or focus your awareness, you send energy to that which you focus on. So it is with us; hence, the play of light within our body.

Because we are so transparent to others of our kind, there can be no falseness or lies or complicity. There is the added benefit of instant communication, which is not slowed or complicated by cumbersome words, something we just experienced in the stoppage of our communication with the word “complicity.” [Channel Note: Communication stopped for several minutes.] We had to search for it, knowing that it was the only word suitable for our meaning. In our dimension, which we choose to keep unnumbered, that stoppage of communication would not occur for the simple reason that we use no words. It is all energy.

We have levels of energy that we combine to create exactly and precisely the message we wish to convey. It is difficult to describe how this works, but we will attempt to do so. Just as you have different levels of energy in which thought and emotion reside, we have multiple levels of energy, or frequencies, for our many levels of being. You in the third dimension are limited to thought, emotion, and physical sensations for your energetic communication. We have finer divisions of energy, resulting in more precise communication. It would be as if you could have hundreds of levels of thought-frequency bands instead of only the one you now have. The range of our frequencies goes into numbers so large they would fill pages of your paper. As you can imagine, this gives us almost unlimited possibilities for perfectly accurate communication.