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Freedom's Embrace

Freedom's Embrace The New Ascended Masters through Maurene Watson

Heart masters, freedom can only elevate love. On this freedom day, are you a true heart sovereign, or do you give in to the imposters of freedom? Does your soul still need validation to justify its existence? Is the bridge of love, life, and all that your heart chooses its own meaning, or do you still need a purpose to be alive? Only the new species heart knows. Each time you have returned home to the core of your new biocell plasma egg, inside your very own universe, you have entered your own heart version of New Earth. Here you remember who you really are and that all is provided by your very own unique spirit in its entire multiple or parallel expressions.

Sovereigns, you have cocreated all life forms, have you not? But have you set everything and everyone in your life free to become more? Have you set free all the bodies you once occupied? Have you set your planet and all life in the cosmos free to become more? Loving or allowing something means compassionately observing any form of life in all its expressions, including its seeming limitations, without interfering. Simply by observation from your new species divine human heart consciousness, you’re setting life free to become more by offering a different choice, a different standard of cellular self-awareness or self-love.

If you try to fix, filter, or support human suffering, you hold others back from the very experience they have chosen to master in their moment. This includes every atom of life in evolving consciousness: plants, animals, viruses, elements, molecules, cells, matter, planets, and universes. Do you stop an animal, plant, mineral, or viral species from becoming extinct or changing its form when it wants to upgrade its DNA evolvement?