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Claim Your Sacred Divine Power

Claim Your Sacred Divine Power Jeanne d'Arc through Star Hinman

I, Jeanne, come to you all now to strengthen and encourage you for the task at hand, which is bringing forth the archetype for the New Age on Earth. This archetype of the new human being is fully empowered and able to embody love, wisdom, and power in a balanced way for the enlightenment and inspiration of your fellow human beings who now so need this image. Through your example, they might learn what it looks and feels like to fully own and use all your gifts and strengths, everything that is within you.

You all now have the opportunity to claim and be inspired by your sacred, divine power and to balance this power with your loving nature as you learn to fully express these things to one another. This is the process that will heal humanity of the many scars you now bear from the trials and tribulations you have endured, for you have come onto this planet in a time of great unrest. The challenges appear daily for each of you, and to meet them, you must know your strength and your love and not be afraid to know and experience what is within you.

True Strength Is Based in Love