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Awareness Brings a Great Healing Force

Awareness Brings a Great Healing Force Cecil the Lion from Zimbabwe through Rae Chandran

Well, my dear ones, this is Cecil. There has been much news about me recently. My passing has brought world attention to the animal kingdom and the country where I resided with my pack. Well, this is good.

Just as humans have [life] contracts with other humans, the animal kingdom also has contracts — but with select human beings. My contract was with Mr. Palmer, for we both agreed that through my passing, a large shift in consciousness could take place. We are not just talking about protecting the animal kingdom in a benevolent way but also a shift in consciousness in the country where I resided.

Zimbabwe has been ruled with an iron fist and is greatly influenced by dark forces that completely control the people in the governing body. Although the world knows about the situation in Zimbabwe, others have failed to take any action. As you might be aware, most of the foreign policies of all the countries are based purely on self-interest. Powerful countries have no interest to bring about change in dark and oppressed countries when there is nothing for them to gain. This has helped the dark forces greatly, and they have ruled with impunity for a long time. The people and the land are suffering. There is widespread corruption and mismanagement of the scant resources available.