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Akashic Answers

Akashic Answers Amanda Romania

Hi Amanda,

I have a question about soul contracts. I feel I have a soul contract that is holding me back from the love life I want. I have been married for nine years, and both my husband and I are very successful. He is constantly competing with me, and this causes great stress and argument, but I love him. What contract do I have with him?

— Lynn, Austin, Texas

Dear Lynn,

Often we connect with another and feel that we have the same goals and ambitions; therefore, we are on the same life plan that we naturally assume will include love and happiness. The akashic records show that you have been married to this person in past lives: one happy and one not so. This is why you have the hope that it will turn into something greater. You have also been connected in a past-life family, which is where the rivalry comes from.