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Acceptance Begins the Healing Process

Acceptance Begins the Healing Process Jesus through Virginia Ellen

As you accept the truth, whether it is the false truth you have held about yourself or the actual truth of God, your first chakra will begin to expand. Because this is the chakra of your life force energy, you will instantly have more life energy flowing through your body.

When you accept a false truth about yourself, such as thinking, “I am afraid I’ll do something wrong,” you instantly leave the state of denial. When you live in the state of denial, you are truly dying. To enter the state of living and generating new life energy, all you need to do is accept your feelings and limited beliefs about yourself and life.

Once you truly become truthful with yourself and begin the process of accepting your darkness, this new life energy that you have created within you moves up the central nervous system to the brain. The brain then begins to awaken from its dead sleep. You then are free to accept the truth about yourself, and a new energy will be sent throughout your system to every cell in the body. You are regenerating your physical, emotional, and mental bodies with God’s truth.