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Acceleration of the Earth Human toward the Next Plateau Has Tripled

Acceleration of the Earth Human toward the Next Plateau Has Tripled Isis through Robert Shapiro

6 July 2015

All right. This is Isis. Now, if you don’t mind, we’ll do something a little different. There was an event that occurred a few days ago, and there were a couple things that happened. One of the things is that all nonhumans on the planet, right down to microbes and up to the biggest beings you can think of, got the message at the same time that human beings are ready to take, you might say, the leap to the next dimension. They are ready for what is going to happen.

Most of them will not be going. I may have said to you before (and others might have said) that the next place the Explorer Race — also known as human beings associated with Earth — is going will be a beautiful place, a big place, and there will be some beings you are aware of. Butterflies, for example, will be there, possibly a small version of deer will be there, maybe a few others. But for the most part, most of the beings you see on a regular basis or know exist will not be there. You won’t miss them, because you’ll be happy with life there. But aside from that, they all got the message, see, that it was happening right then’ because there was a doorway, you might say — a pathway — that suddenly opened up.

A lot of the older existence has fallen away on the subconscious layer of human beings. Some of that aspect of you is sometimes aware of your greater being, but most of the time, it is simply aware of what your physical body is going through and what other portions of your personality may be going through. So that part of you was aware of it also, for everyone. What happened is that subconscious part of you, you might say, sort of the body-mechanical part, released a huge amount of blockage. And the acceleration, now, of the Earth human race toward the next plateau has tripled. So, you understand, it takes experiential time to get to that next level.