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Accelerated Awakening Update

Accelerated Awakening Update Archangel Michael through Melanie Beckler

Greetings, dearest ones. I am Archangel Michael, and I am present with you now. I am pleased to connect in energy and frequency through this channel. This guidance from the angelic and spiritual realms is for the purpose of reawakening humanity to the brilliance that lies within at individual and collective levels. The time is now for reuniting with inner divine wisdom, knowledge, and light.

Understand at the soul level, the level of spirit, there is much that can be accessed, for there is much you have already learned in alternate, parallel, past, and future lifetimes that is retained at the level of spirit individually and collectively, indeed. Through awakening and realigning more fully with love through your choices, your actions, and your presence, this inner wisdom, knowledge, truth, and insight can be accessed incrementally when you are ready.

“When you are ready” — we smile at this phrase, for many of you are saying, “I’m ready. Open me fully. I’m ready. Align me with my gifts. I’m ready. Release all blockages, all fear, all resistance, and all doubt.” Yet while you speak these words and ask for this release all at once, you must understand that a level of patience is required. While we could, in the blink of an eye, assist you in uncovering your full light or assist you in opening fully with the snap of a finger or with the wave of a magic wand, this would not ultimately serve you in your progression and your growth. You could open for an instant but then fall back, becoming more blocked than you were before.