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You Came to Earth to Learn How to Feel Physical

You Came to Earth to Learn How to Feel Physical Isis through Robert Shapiro

This is Isis.

Welcome. Define "empath" as you are using it here.

I am not going to put all the qualities of an empath. Essentially, for the purpose of this talk, empaths are people who feel all the feelings around them all the time and have a means, or more than one, to transform at least those feelings within themselves. And if encouraged, guided, or taught, empaths can learn how to apply that to transform the feelings in their general environment and possibly even in others so that those others feel somehow more compatible with the empath. And what that means is that the empath — in an ideal state of being — feels calm, relaxed, comfortable, and safe, like that.

So that would be the transformation that takes place. They don't have to learn this. Everybody is born this way. You don't have to learn it. It's essentially the way human beings live on other planets, and for the most part, the way most beings live on other planets. Any discomfort by anyone on the planet felt by any type of being, or felt by the planet itself, is not automatically transformed. But all beings who are empaths on that planet, including the planet itself, will go into a state of calm and relaxation, which is the state of being they would have under ideal circumstances. Most people on most planets every place else are in this state of being, and that is referred to as being in a benevolent state of being.