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Unified Consciousness and the Noosphere

Unified Consciousness and the Noosphere Juliano and the Arcturians through David K. Miller

Greetings. I am Juliano. We are the Arcturians. Today we will be looking at unified consciousness and the noosphere. In particular, we want to evaluate and explain how a planetary unified consciousness can affect Earth and influence the healing and rebalancing of the planet. A simple explanation of the noosphere is that it is the thought field of the entire planet. The noosphere has many levels and can, in some ways, be compared to the akashic records, which are a library of information, impressions, astral readings, and thoughts and events that have occurred throughout the existence of the universe.

The akashic records are on multiple levels. They exist for Earth and for other planets, the galaxy, and other galaxies. You can imagine and visualize that the akashic records are quite extensive and also important. They contain the soul records and soul impressions for you and all who have existed and come before you and all who will come after you. Basically, when you do soul retrievals and past-life therapy, you usually access the akashic records. Previous civilizations that have been on Earth are recorded in the akashic records, which means that the Atlanteans, the Lemurians, and many other species or civilizations and all that has occurred within them are recorded in these records.

I think it is helpful to compare the akashic records to the noosphere because, in a sense, the noosphere records all of the thoughts and events that have occurred on Earth. Every event, every thought, and every thought pattern is recorded in the noosphere. The main difference between the noosphere and the akashic records is that the noosphere is related particularly to and is interacting with Earth on a continuous basis. This is where we come to one of the key concepts in planetary healing: The noosphere interacts with the spirit of Earth and with the dimensional levels and stability of the planet.