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The Truth of the Soul Heart

The Truth of the Soul Heart Egyptian Cat Archtypes through Mary Elizabeth Hoffman

September 2014 brings in tremendously deep emotional energies designed to touch the souls of all living beings, mirroring to each the destiny that has been set forth by their thoughts, words, deeds, and emotions. This is a grand opportunity to do mirror scrying to catch glimpses of what has been set forth deep within the psyche so that, if what is reflected back is no longer desired, a new direction may be chosen. This powerful transformation energy goes deep within the soul heart, ferreting out any unresolved fears, secrets from the self, blame, or judgment held on to toward the self, others, a situation, or circumstances.

Seeking alternative direction to empower that fulfills the soul heart's destiny in a deeper fashion is what is activated. The truth of the soul heart must be sought during this time to discover the truth of what passion lies deep within so that it may be brought out into the light of day and utilized in choosing what to dismiss, what to let go of, and what to release so that there is no longer any hindrance to the full expression of the truth of the soul heart's destiny and desire. The fixed signs of the zodiac — Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, and Aquarius — and those with these influences strong in their natal astrology charts will experience this push to reveal the inner truth of the soul heart the deepest, as they will be guiding the revelations of truth that will be expanding the horizons of the human kingdom for years to come.

Those with abilities to write or speak publicly — through radio, on TV, on stage, or via other modes of channeling — shall be called into service by their guides and guardian angels to share in understandable form the expanded truth being revealed to the human kingdom. The collective "ahas" may inspire some to attempt to organize, structure, and lock in these newly revealed truths. They are extremely organic and shall be expanding well into August 2015. Attempting to create a rigid, inflexible framework or structure in which to package these revelatory truths will be frustrated regularly as this expansion continues.