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Tips to Prepare for Meditation

Tips to Prepare for Meditation Isis through Beverley Bright Star

Hello. This is Isis of Thebes and Karnak. I wish to speak to you all today about something that is truly integral in your spiritual studies, and that is the subject of what you should do before you sit down to meditate. In other words, how do you prepare yourself to do the "work" that any good meditation should entail and require? There are indeed prerequisites that make it much easier to concentrate and to bring in the wonderful feelings of peace, love, and serenity that mark a truly good and deep meditative experience.

Improve Your Diet

The first one of these and the most important, of course, is your diet — what you eat every day. I am finding that many meditators mean well, especially at first, but if they are living on a diet of french fries and burgers, chips, or pizza every other day or so, they are going to be and feel very, very restless during their meditation time. The additives and the byproducts of the food industry that are commonly put in foods at this point in time make the body's nervous system hyper and a bit on the alert. The very nature of what additives and preservatives like high fructose corn syrup and other products do not only affects the metabolism and the overall health of the body but, on an energetic and even etheric level, affects all of the body's systems, chakras, and energy systems. And these things can even show up on the etheric level in your auric fields. The beautiful layers of the auric field can become contaminated between the layers, and there are just some people who look as if they have a lot of sludge in their fields, not to mention their bodies as well.

If you could see all of the whirling bodies and the lovely etheric symmetry of the sacred geometric forms as they swirl around the physical body, then you would become much more aware of just how something as simple as what you have eaten that day can affect your evening meditation. It actually makes it much more difficult to quiet the mind and to remain focused when the restive energy that makes up most processed foods is still coursing through your bloodstream and circulating around in your brain.