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The Tides of Technology

The Tides of Technology The Arcturians through Abby Isadora Haydon

We are the Arcturians. We have come again to speak of the developments to your evolution. Over the next thirty-five years, your DNA structures will be transforming very rapidly. This will enable you to work better with the technology that you have at your disposal.

There has been a shift in the direction of the energies of the planet. An alteration has started that now moves your world toward the use of technology instead of inherent human abilities. Due to the expansion of electronic instruments that are now used extensively in your world, your physiology is changing. There has been a change that has occurred in the patterns of your planetary grid. This is the matrix that holds in place all of the manifestations that occur on this world.

There are reasons that these adjustments are occurring or have been locked into the patterns that surround your world. The number of people who are using technological devices to manage their lives has increased dramatically in the past five years. Those who inhabit your world have made an unconscious shift toward technology. They have turned away from using their intrinsic abilities to communicate through the technology of your human form. To put it another way, you as a group consciousness, as a body of consciousness, have made a shift to using technology instead of your instinctive abilities to receive and process information.