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Take Control of Your Destiny

Take Control of Your Destiny Archangel Michael through Ronna

Beloved masters, shall we continue the review of some of our most important teachings of the past? It is vital that you have the major objectives of the ascension process firmly entrenched within your memory banks. You are currently in the process of integrating the next appropriate level of Creator light with the assistance of your oversoul intelligence. Connecting with and integrating the many facets of your fifth-dimensional self will ultimately result in a new biological blueprint of creation.

Your divine birthright includes all the gifts, talents, attributes, and virtues of creation. They are free — yours for the taking. However, you must earn them through your own efforts, and then share your integrated wisdom with those on the path behind you. The wise ones/the masters of Earth and the initiates on the path have spent an immeasurable amount of time and effort to bring forth their talents and to gain the wisdom they share with everyone who is a seeker of wisdom. Their mission is to make the journey or the task of gaining self-mastery easier, and they deserve remuneration for their efforts. There must be an abundance exchange. You must put forth the time and effort yourself — or you must compensate those who have paved the way for you by supplying you with the advanced wisdom teachings of the higher realms. You must lift your ideas and goals to the highest frequencies possible, thereby making them refined ideals that will benefit all humanity.

The awakening process entails moving through the many levels of the astral — or emotional — plane. Your goal is to center yourself within the mental plane of consciousness. At the appropriate time, as a disciple on the path, you will slowly move beyond physical family duties and responsibilities as your consciousness, wisdom, and light increase. Gradually, your influence increases, as does your potential to become a world server. It takes constant and deliberate effort to tame the ego and to gain the knowledge and expertise required to become a world server. You must be an outstanding example and have the ability to excite and stimulate desire for spiritual wisdom in order to serve humanity as a guiding light. To be an en-lighten-ed teacher, offer the truth as it has been revealed to you, and grant the opportunity to your students to accept or reject the teachings.