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As Summer Ends, Reflection Begins

As Summer Ends, Reflection Begins Donna Taylor

September begins with endings: Venus comes to the end of Leo, Mars moves toward the end of Scorpio, and Mercury completes its journey through Virgo. Mars and Venus also finish their awkward alignment, signifying an end to relationship tensions and conflicts. The Sun parts company with Neptune while Mars moves away from his long conjunction with Saturn, bringing an end to a somewhat heavy, arduous, and work-oriented dynamic. It is understandable, then, if we feel that something in our lives is concluding — a difficult patch with a relationship, an emotionally heavy time, or a period of confusion and uncertainty. Or we could simply have a sense of summer beginning to close as autumn awaits with its potential new beginnings. It may help to be mindful of whatever endings, large or small, are apparent in our lives right now. Even the smallest of transitions, such as returning to work from summer holidays, can be significant, and it can help to pause for a moment and observe the shift in energies.

So the first few days of September have a sense of quietness about them and can be conducive to self-reflection. As summer ends and autumn approaches, what do we want to experience during the next phase in our lives? Do we need to rest more after a busy spring and summer? Or do we feel ready to get down to work after a relaxing holiday? What plans, hopes, and dreams do we have? Or are we content to simply be still and enjoy a sense of contentment? There are no right or wrong answers — only what feels right for you.