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Shamanic Wisdom: Who Are You?

Shamanic Wisdom: Who Are You? Jan Engels-Smith

Attempting to be the best that you can be is the most exquisite gift you can give the world. One should take an active role in addressing the problems we face in our fractured and challenging times, but the most significant long-term contribution we can make to our planet is to maintain and grow our personal mastery. The focus on our thinking, feeling, and doing will ultimately have the greatest impact on changing the world for the better and creating the maximum influence on the actions of others. Positive ways of being allow us to become one with the universe and draw on the spiritual powers that exist naturally and are always available.

Evidence of the changing focus on positive ways of being as an answer to the difficulties we face can be found in our day-to-day lives on bumper stickers and food wrappers, in documentaries and news media, and in conferences and new organizations.

A change in consciousness is happening. We are all capable of capitalizing on this energy and helping drive the mass consciousness to a higher level. Who you are becoming will contribute to the ascension that will bring the planet to a tipping point with the potential to move us into a reality of greater happiness, well-being, and positive attitudes.