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Riding the Wave

Riding the Wave Archangel Raphael through Thelma Bodnar

It is a great responsibility you have all been given, keepers of the light. There is no higher honor and no greater calling. You have been chosen for your selfless ways and your inner knowing of how to affect others' lives through your words and actions. We are so very proud of all of you. It is humbling to us that you accepted this role in your present incarnation.

Others have tried to do the work and fallen short. They left because the intensities of all of Earth's growing pains, changes in densities, physical disturbances, and celestial alignments were just too difficult for them to tackle. There was no shame in their leaving Earth. They will have other opportunities to shine their light. As things begin to get easier for all of you here now, this will become more and more apparent in the strength you have shown and the many adversities you have conquered.

The manifestations you call forward from this time forth will carry your identities to the front line. Your personal signatures will suggest your devotion to the cause and your additional intent to manifest even more love and light for Gaia and all her inhabitants.