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Prepare for the Storm of Battle

Prepare for the Storm of Battle Ancient Warrior through Miriandra Rota

Greetings. I am an ancient warrior. My name is unimportant. That I come forth to speak with you is the importance of this moment. Why do I come forth now, and what is my message? I will begin.

Long ago on Earth, there were those who were warriors as I have been. We held within ourselves a certain honor, a code by which we lived and by which we fought. Many warriors fell in battle. Others died. What were we fighting for? Why were we fighting?

The Great Battle against Darkness

There came a great darkness over the earth. It covered the earth and blocked the sun. It held the people in fear. Later, we were given orders by a voice without a face. We were to surrender and submit. And again later, we learned that to submit was to lose our lives. Many died before we gathered together and began to form a resistance to the darkness and those who hid within it.