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Pause and Redirect

Pause and Redirect Archangel Michael through Carolyn Ann O'Riley

Greetings and salutations, my beautiful beings of light. Smile, for your brilliance is increasing each moment in the celestial realms.

You chose to come to the Earth plane because you wanted to help. You wanted to be here when the tough jobs got tougher. You wanted to climb the highest mountain peaks and swim the deepest seas. You wanted to surmount duality and show that the lessons finally had been realized through mass consciousness. You wanted to dive back into the light unscathed after dwelling in negativity and darkness. You wanted to eradicate hatred, intolerance, and fear. You wanted everyone to show kindness, respect, and dignity while embracing the return of peace and love.

Of course, when you are within your true essence, residing totally within your original home, you are the celestial realm's brilliant master cocreators. You are the elite celestial master teachers. Most of you solve puzzles and move mountains without a second thought when you are at home. Have patience with yourselves; embodying the veiled human construct with no remembrance of who you really are and playing in the Earth plane's school of duality is quite a challenge.