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The Origin of the Soul and Your Manifestation into Physical Reality

The Origin of the Soul and Your Manifestation into Physical Reality The Beings of Light through Star Hinman

From Star: Many people are experiencing much confusion at this point in time about who they are and how they have come to be here. They are searching for new identities because the old ideas just aren't working anymore. These ideas of who we are have become too small and constricting to hold the new versions of ourselves that are being born daily into life by the extremely high frequencies of energy being released within the planet by internal events and also onto this planet through many solar and celestial events. These include X-class solar flares, which broadcast to Earth the divine energies and wisdom from the Sun of our solar system — our "local star" — as well as many beneficial astrological alignments and other sources of divine light within the cosmic realms that are now bathing Earth with their radiance.

The Secret Place of the Most High

From the Beings of Light: Within the secret place of the most high, within the heart of the Divine Creator of All, and beyond human comprehension exists the sacred moment during which your I Am presence is breathed forth from the heart of creation — from the divine source of All That Is.

You are a part of this divine creation, a sacred part of the divine essence permeating all reality, and as such, you are totally unique — unlike any other. Cherish and celebrate who you are: a child of the universe come to Earth for a day in the eternity of time to dance your "dance of life" while you experience the oneness of all creation! There is no other like you with your divine gifts given by the Divine Source. Learn to cherish yourself and to nurture and love who you are, for there is no other like you throughout the vastness of all that exists.