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Now Is the Time to Remember

Now Is the Time to Remember Red Eagle through Therese Dorer

In my opening vision, I see a pathway extending into an open prairie, and the land stretches out before me. As the tall grasses blow in the wind, my gaze turns upward, and I see an eagle soaring high above on the air currents and hear him calling out to me below. Then there is a gush of wind, and before me stands Red Eagle with his hands outstretched, his palms extended up toward the heavens, and emanating from his hands is a brilliant white light.

You Can Make a Difference

Welcome, daughters and sons of the good red earth, it is with pleasure I greet you today. Ho and welcome to all who choose to read these words. I come with gratitude for your availability to trust in my words and your choice to come once again to the Earth plane at this auspicious period of time. Your choice to come to Earth has and will continue to make a difference.

Each of you may have chosen your own unique way to make a difference. I ask you to trust that living your life with the highest light, love, and truth creates an energy vibration that supports the whole.