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Master Your Purpose, Master Yourself

Greetings, lightbeings. We are Lemuria. We are not a continent, nor are we a civilization, so to speak. We are a dimension. We are not lost. We are not found. We just are, as you are. We still are. We always are. We have not gone anywhere. We are here. We are collective consciousness. We are you. You are we. We are one.

We address this message particularly to the healers among you and to all those who are on planet Earth engaged in the process of healing. We make note that healing doesn't need to be a process, but this is what the current energies and perceptions are. So be it.

Now Is the Time

For all, it is time to give up any attachment to woundedness or wounds in order to now do what you have come to do. The Earth plane in which you dwell is not merely Earth school as you may have been taught. Everything has its purpose and place. This is the place where many souls come to confront and work specifically on patterns of abuse. This is the place where those vibrations have the opportunity to transmute, transform, and transcend, thus effecting change in the base vibration. And that vibration reverberates throughout the rest of the body. This is important because, in the current structure, planet Earth is at the solar plexus of the body. Just as in the physical body, this is where the very soul of your consciousness dwells. Master the root, and it affects the whole. It affects the center. The plant gets fed from the root. The energy rises up and ripples out multidimensionally.