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Laying the Foundation of Alchemy in the Aquarian Age

Laying the Foundation of Alchemy in the Aquarian Age Master Djwhal Khul through Kathlyn Kingdon

Greetings, beloved students, and welcome to September, the month of the autumnal equinox. As you know, the months wherein the equinoxes fall are excellent times to focus on generating greater balance and equanimity in your life and relationships. Just as the vernal equinox leads into the spring season, pointing one toward experiences of rebirth, so the autumnal equinox leads into the harvest season, a time for recounting gifts and blessings and consciously applying them in a mature and responsible way. This year, September will prove to be an excellent month for heightening balance in all your relationships.

As each of you is surely in the process of carefully evaluating which areas, functions, and behaviors you want to roll forward into this New Age, I am also deciding which traditional teachings from the past age will most benefit this Aquarian Age. Those of you who are familiar with the rays of creation likely know that I approach Earth on the teaching ray, or the second ray. As every New Age (or astrological cycle) dawns, those of us on the teaching ray evaluate the spiritual teachings of the prior age, noting which can simply be rolled forward, which need amending, and which would probably serve humanity better by simply being dissolved.

Teachings of Jos� Arg�elles and Sri Aurobindo

If you have been following my teachings in the Sedona Journal of Emergence!, you might recall that in 2012, I began rolling forward the teachings of Jos� Arg�elles,1 since they speak so profoundly to the evolution of the planet at the present time. Later, I did the same for the teachings of Sri Aurobindo, particularly those pertaining to the Divine Feminine, since She carries the primary creative influence for the Aquarian Age.