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Keeping Peace in Difficult Times

Keeping Peace in Difficult Times Onereon through Jeff Michaels

As above, so below. It is a fair question to ask, as a spiritually minded individual, why seemingly bad things happen when you are personally doing what you believe to be the best and highest course. Why do adverse events arrive in your life when you are doing your best to follow a course of spiritual work? You may even begin to feel you are wrong in some sense.

There are reactions that can and do occur when the world seems to turn against your personal path of growth. Disease, economic difficulties, or chaotic environments can draw your once-high-vibrational existence lower, down into a first chakra style of living. You may find yourself in anger or fear, struggling to regain a balance you once felt was secure. Let us consider a straightforward and clear vision of the current times and witness options that are available.

The Stress of Being Human Is Natural

Simply enough, many of these challenges are due to the fact that you are a human being. Being such, you must deal with other human beings and the choices they make under pressures that we all face when incarnate.