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Grow Your Food to Purify Your Body

Grow Your Food to Purify Your Body Jesus through Virginia Ellen

When the cells release fear, anger, and self-hate, they will realign to the knowingness that they are loved, blessed, and safe — that they are divinely guided in their expression in the form of physical matter. They will feel beauty and express perfectly these gifts of cell self. Therefore, you will lose weight or gain weight, redistributing body weight perfectly. Your bones will shift and move into perfect alignment.

If you have felt unloved and unsafe in this life, you will release these feelings and beliefs of unworthiness. Your cells will be reprogrammed into the truth of love and God. Your cells will go through a great shift, and many changes will occur. You will be purifying the body of limited thoughts and releasing toxins of thought. The flesh will be illuminated by the light within.

The body must be fed food that holds the beliefs that resonate with its new God-self — food that has been grown with love and been blessed with the thought that food is God. Within each piece of food God resides in, you then eat the love of God, and it will nourish the cells to vibrate even higher.