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Flowing with Your Crystalline DNA

Flowing with Your Crystalline DNA The Crystalline Beings of Divine Light through Sri Ram Kaa & Kira Raa

Hello, beloved angels of great crystalline light! There are great crystalline rainbows and great crystalline bridges that are building on themselves from the multidimensional fields of quantum space. If you call forth a crystalline bridge that spans across an infinite expanse, there is a self-awareness that creates both the beginning and the destination.

Within that self-awareness, the bridge is built. The spans of the bridge are created to support the necessary breadth, width, and length of the destination. We offer this because the crystalline gateways are appearing with great majesty now. Each of these gateways has a relevance that is known at one level of awareness and is still being revealed at another.

The Crystalline Bridge and Our Crystalline DNA

Consider that the one level of awareness is where this bridge initiates, and that which has yet to be revealed is where the bridge resides. Let us explain. Within the shift, within the change, within the expansive knowledge of universal wisdom, is an important moment when the crystalline bridge reveals itself and the gateway opens. The ignition of dynamic DNA has been offered to this planet several times through the crystalline bridge event sequence.