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Feel the Potency of the Letters of Your Birth Name

Feel the Potency of the Letters of Your Birth Name Aleph, the Spirit of Space, and Gabriel through Arthur Fanning

The major point we are trying to get into (or out of), recognize, feel, is that no one has to die yet ナ yet. The "yet" is the self-determination of self, understanding thankfulness, understanding your bone, understanding light (a different light, not your visible light), understanding life — what it is, what life is literally seeing, the expression of it in beings and animals and nature. That's the outward expression of it. But life is different from that, more than that, actually. It's an isness. That's a truth yet difficult to understand. The provider of all things, we'll say, beings call it Creator, God, names, they limit, yet they bring across a message of understanding, a "greaterness." Peace.

The force that provides the breath, the ability to have knowledge, understanding feelings within the consciousness, that is termed self, has been termed that which rides the wind. It is the pusher of the wind; it is before the wind. It would be termed the nonexistent force, itself becoming existent. Now, the unseen, the nonexistent (we'll say), is potent itself. It's potent. And once the seen is available, has arrived, has been expressed, that's impotence. It can't do anything. It does what it thinks it can do. But it's the unseen that provides ... (we're looking for the words — word — that will have understanding and meaning within the consciousness of the human condition). The unseen is a difficult concept. How does the unseen become expressed? Your word would be an explosion.

Adam Naming God

Initially, it could be said, the unseen has a desire to be seen and to see itself. It is that desire, that energy, that asks, "What would I look like if I went this way or this way or this way or that way?" You beings have a semblance of that when you look at yourselves in your mirrors, of self. Yet the force that did it, in the beginning, beginning, beginning of humankind — Adam, the being called Adam, that being — was given the authority and ability to name all things, including what you would understand as the word termed the being called God that, unseen to Adam, said, "Name me! Name me!" And the expression was that the Adamness of himself understood those energies as a force of the wind or within the wind, before the wind, and the only way the knowledge could be outward from Adam was E letters. You would say "letters," yet it's an attempt to replicate the sound of the being, the oneness that ... well, your word would be spoken. But it's not spoken; it's not that. The oneness that Adam acknowledged in the senses of himself, primal senses, he expressed as, you'll say, a pronunciation, as this. You'll say, your letters E-O-IH. You'll say, ee-oy-ee, like that, similar, but he did not have the pronunciation skills you have now. So that was an outward expression of Adam naming God.