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Everything Is Your Creation, the Movie of Your Psyche

Everything Is Your Creation, the Movie of Your Psyche Mary Magdalene through Mercedes Kirkel

Would you explain what you meant by a statement you made in a previous session: "Your circumstances make it very clear what you need to do for your own growth"? Does it have to do with confronting the belief systems that underlie our feelings and thoughts?

Hello, my dear ones. It is Mary Magdalene here to be with you again and to respond to your question. Thank you for asking this question. It is an important concept to understand, and I am most happy to clarify what I meant by that statement.

This question relates to the way that manifestation works as part of creating your reality. Nothing that happens to you is random, even though many people in the third dimension think that life events are random. All of your experiences are things that you have chosen, at some level, for your growth. You chose some of them in your prebirth state when you were selecting your life experiences that would serve your next steps of growth. You have chosen some of them during your incarnation, either consciously or subconsciously. Everything is chosen. This understanding is a central part of becoming 100 percent responsible for your life. If you do not understand this, you tend to see yourself as a victim of circumstances or others' actions and choices.