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Emotions as Energy of Destruction and Creativity

Emotions as Energy of Destruction and Creativity Archangel Metatron through James Tyberonn

There are certain reincarnational sojourns that carry more light and more opportunity, and this is one that offers a quantum leap in your growth of consciousness. In the new energy, you may expand your perceptions, your beliefs, and indeed your priorities. It is a time of greater light and thus lessening shadow. It is time to embrace the challenge, to embrace the opportunity, to release limiting belief, and to disregard the programming of fairy tales and childish dogma. Ever is there the individual choice, and masters, your rate of learning depends entirely on you.

In this session, we devote our energies to address a topic that is very important for humanity at this particular time in 2014, year two of the New Earth. But as we share our truth, it is for you as sovereign beings to accept these words if they resonate with you or to reject them if they do not, for your discernment is ever required for reception of any such message from any source.

Now, in your duality realm, there are polarities. There are energies that you term as positive and negative. A more accurate description of these energies is creative and destructive. Love is the ultimate creative force, and hate and fear are the ultimate destructive forces.