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Earth Is Adapting for the Change in Mass Consciousness

Earth Is Adapting for the Change in Mass Consciousness All There Is, Was, and Ever Shall Be through Elliott Eli Jackson

Right now, your planet is making adjustments to itself for the benefit of all alive today and those who will be alive, as you understand the term, within the next one-hundred-year time span on your Earth. Do you really think that the climate change on planet Earth is just happenstance? Well we tell you that it is all a part of the universal atomic plan, which includes the Ratius alignment.

What your planet is going through now is just the tip of the iceberg, so to speak. It is also Earth's way of preparing itself for its part in ensuring that future generations will have access to sustainable air quality. As all of the planets within your local solar system shift, Earth and other planets have to adjust physically. Please do not think that yours is the only planet going through climate change. There are other planets and rock masses that are adjusting to allow your species to colonize them in the future. Earth is also taking steps toward making sure pollutants are properly displaced and dispersed for you and others coming in the near future.

Due to lower vibrational portions of us whispering in the ears of humankind for many years, you, as a whole, became unwilling or unable to cease certain practices. Some of the practices include, but are not limited to, cutting down the rain forests and polluting your waterways. Now, we did give humankind the information for the rectification of the harm — we will use this word — that you have placed on your home, your planet, your Earth.