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Connect with Earth to Ease the Strife of Ascension

Connect with Earth to Ease the Strife of Ascension Papa Juan through Beatriz Jimpson

This is Papa Juan, and we are present with you through all your life and death cycles, through your joys and trials, through your wars and times of peace, and through your travels and expansions. You are a loved and cherished species. You are unique to the universe and bring an inimitable and exciting view of life to all of us who observe you.

Over the past twenty or so of your years, many of you have felt a draw to the Native American cultures and those of other nations. This is a good thing but has been a bit of a drawback due to the dichotomy and distraction it has caused.

We say that the attraction to these ways of life has been a distraction because it has caused some of you to focus on those ways by hoping to become "that" instead of learning the essence of the way and incorporating it into your unique lives. Now it is time to look closely at those teachings that will aid you in your path to enlightenment.