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Conformity versus Individual Truth

Conformity versus Individual Truth Simion through Amariah Mara

As humankind lives now, individuality is largely squashed in a sea of conformity and into a mass consciousness of sheep who feed a greedy, self-interested few. It is the very act of diminishing the individual spirit that allows negativity to flourish and the soul to be shrouded with darkness and death. True life is the freedom of each soul being able to be its own spark of the Creator in unison with the spirit of the one soul. This is why it becomes so much more fulfilling to be in a light vibrancy as your soul is uncovered from the ego that has succumbed to the dictates of society.

When you shed conformity, you become the real you, which is a beautiful being of creative, flowing light. When that light flows into the river of the unified soul, it becomes a powerful force.

When you are conforming to the desires of some social demand controlled by the ego, no light of your own is being shared. You become a carbon copy of a dead self that feeds the lower frequency of disunity and destruction. Thus, you give nothing to the soul living beside you other than more of the same self-serving essence when, for example, you buy into the shiny, silver car that is better than the neighbor's car.