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All Beings Are Loved Equally

All Beings Are Loved Equally Gaia through Cristi Jenkins

Dear ones, I am Gaia, and I hold each one of you always in my embrace. In this role, I act as a mother to every human on Earth. But you see it is not just the humans with whom I share this role. I am also mother to the plants, animals, devas, and elementals — all life that moves on the physical earth.

Now some of you may wonder how I can be mother to all of these beings at once. It is simple, and you already know that answer in your hearts. It is because I embody the love of All That Is, and that love is the very structure on which the universe is created. So when I say to you that I am indeed the love of Source, it is true, just as you are also the love of Source.

There are some of you who wish to perceive me as a grand and powerful being far superior to yourselves. It is fine for you to want to believe that, but it simply is not true. Do you not understand that the love of Source has no favorites? The love of the Creator does not see one person, animal, or plant above another. Each living being carries the spark of divine love within it, and to snuff out that flame in deference to another is part of the human illusion that has been so prevalent on Earth.