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What Are You Giving the World?

What Are You Giving the World? Elijah through Riz Mirza

We are Elijah. There are those on the planet who you have come to understand are not with you and do not see the same things as you. They do not share your perspectives. They do not understand where you stand, what you see, or what you believe, nor do they care to understand any of this. Indeed, they are willing to come up against you and fight you, whether it is with words or with arms. They want you to see that they are correct and you are in error; they wish to punish you for this. The punishment, of course, is for you to be on their side, but they shall not welcome you. You shall always be lesser in their eyes, for they knew the word, or that which is right, before you did. You see, it is their nature to want to convert others to their way of thinking. It has been done time and time again.

What Is a Country?

Currently in this nation [Editor’s Note: the United States], there are many opposing forces that are referred to as political parties. Some are saying they are Democrats, and others call themselves Republicans. And of course there are other parties that have not come to success on a great scale for quite some time. So the man who is in office … there is indeed a great deal of attention on him, as if this office controls what goes on in the nation. And it is very interesting that after so much information has been spread through your various technologies and your media that you still think this to be the case, even though you understand that the military-industrial complex, certain scientific pharmaceutical forces, and your educational system are really in control.

Yes, the oil companies and the military and all of them are influencing this office. It is true that gone are the days when your president was on the front line of the wars. It has been a few hundred years since the days when presidents were willing to risk their own lives or those of their sons or daughters for your safety. And so the attention was not on the particular gentleman or woman who would take office here, but it is interesting for this man who has come, who is sitting in the office now. It is a very interesting situation, for he has come up against many odds for his race, his affiliations, and his beliefs. The Republican Party will cast their stones at him, and the Democratic Party will cast their stones at the Republicans. This will happen, and you will choose a side.