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Update on the 1st Alignment

Update on the 1st Alignment Counsel through Robert Shapiro

We have a sinister secret government. We haven’t talked about them for years. Are they functioning? What is their status now?

You mean in your time?

My time now, 2013, on Earth, yes.

Yes, they are still functioning, but they are — how can we say? — not known, so if you’re saying, “Are they running everything?” not really. However, they are in a stage of monitoring things that are going on. But they are not advocating so much at this time — meaning, from your perspective, they are not pushing buttons. They are just sort of standing back and watching. They are sort of curious to see, well, not only who is going to come out on top — meaning on an authoritarian basis — but also they are not quite sure whether the population of the planet, the human population, is going to survive. I am sure they are, but the people you are referring to by that name, they are not so sure. So they are a little shy to interfere too much at the moment.

What is the group that they are looking to?

They are not. Don’t bother to ask me; I am not going to say. I will only say that it is a criminal organization.