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Through Love or Consciousness

Through Love or Consciousness Archangel Michael through Mercedes Kirkel

Blessings, dear ones. This is Archangel Michael. I wish to give you somewhat of an update of how I perceive things are going for you in your world now. You might think of it as a news flash or a weather report from my station in the higher dimensions.

What I see is very good. I see the light on Earth increasing. This is a direct effect of people’s individual efforts and the light they are anchoring, the light they are opening to. This is a great process. It is a process that, especially in the third dimension, is not easily accomplished. Yet it is happening in your world in ways that I suspect many of you may not fully realize. It is happening gradually and continuously. Often things that are gradual and continuous are not as obvious. It is also happening at deep and profound levels.

Because all of you are still involved in third-dimensional functioning, you are required to spend at least a certain part of your energy and awareness functioning in more third-dimensional, superficial ways. That may also contribute to you being less than fully aware of what is happening on the deeper levels. So I come to confirm this and to lend you my viewpoint, perhaps my “sight.”