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Shamanic Wisdom: Stay the Path of Restoration

Shamanic Wisdom: Stay the Path of Restoration Jan Engels-Smith

In the process of spiritual development, you seek your true self. The discovery of the sacred being that lies within provides the means by which you can move beyond the limitations you have created in living your life. This is the manner in which you achieve the ascension that alters your current reality and restores you to the sacred form for which you were created. You contain the essence of your ascension within you.

The true self is the version of you that is divinely perfect and is the full embodiment of your actualized potentials. You were born divine, and contained within your being is the blueprint of divine perfection that has been hidden away by the perceived reality of human limitation. If your life was not disrupted by the sense of inadequacy and imperfection that you believe to be real, your natural evolution would allow you to emerge as an adult with your perfection intact and your true self as the accurate image of who you really are.

The modern world, however, intercedes and leaves you with a false sense of self. The true self journey involves an effort to rediscover the divine, to restore your integrity as perfect beings, and to ascend to your natural place in a flawless universe.