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The Seer Almine: The Quest for Godhood

The Seer Almine: The Quest for Godhood Almine

In the hearts of the great lightworkers on Earth smolders an ember of divine discontent, carried through eons of cycles of life, death, and ascension. From a spark of memory that existence was once so much more than it has become, there is deep anguish and pain of wanting to return Home.

Home is not a place but a condition of pristine and boundless existence. The ancient records indicate that the cosmic gods and goddesses, the first formed individuations known as the ancient ones or the original ones, have always made their home on Earth. Earth, as the densest planet, is called “the cradle of life” in some of the scrolls and tablets found in the hidden libraries on Earth.

From the Lemurian records known as the High Hamagda, the following excerpt comes:

Keras arsata minach eres viresta.
Prihat uvespi misanach stahur ersab.
Krihatur nanach ersavanu hiras klihuvanes isechvi ersatu.

Long before the advent of man, the gods were here.
Within the embodiment of Infinite life they walked.
As human have they become, brought low by their forgetfulness.