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Resolution of Earth’s Extreme Polarities and the Vision of the New Holographic Earth

Resolution of Earth’s Extreme Polarities and the Vision of the New Holographic Earth Galactic Alliance of Universal Oneness through Judith K. Moore

Greetings, beloved masters of light. We speak to you through time and space, communicating from the heart of Galactic Source. We represent the Galactic Alliance of Universal Peace. We are of the Cosmic Elohim; we are multidimensional beings. Our communication is given through the cosmic oracle so that all of humanity may feel the energy of this message awakening more humans to trigger the mass ascension of Earth.

There have been many shifts in the dynamics of the Councils of Light and the Star Alliances. We have formed energetic alliances with other universes now. Also, there is a rapid acceleration of time on Earth. The universe itself has accelerated, and the opportunities we have now are to form conscious alliances with galactic intelligence that has previously been inaccessible, unable to form commissions for the expansion of the universal mind, the consciousness of one, and the wisdom of the universe.

Galactic Observations of Earth’s Duality

Our dedication is to be accessible to the intelligence of the universe as it releases the energy and the wisdom. This massive ascension and opening of intelligent consciousness forms a new energy paradigm that is a unified field. Our councils of unified worlds brought communication between intelligent ecosystems that were previously isolated and formed alliances for peace in many star systems. Our commitment is to be accessible to the power of creation now as creation itself is sending forth thought forms with intelligent instructions that we are able to read and relay to humanity.