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Recognize Your Inner Sanctity

Recognize Your Inner Sanctity Archangel Uriel through Jennifer Kolikoff

The message that you are about to receive is information intended to underscore the transmissions of light and love that we have been sending around the planet for some time. There are unspoken aspects of this message that are being transmitted to you through the channel and by my vibration and resonance that you will receive as you read this. Some of you who are used to feeling and experiencing energies will understand and unlock this potential for yourselves immediately. Others will take a bit more time in decoding or unfurling — which is really a better description of what happens on the energetic planes — what is occurring in potentiality for you.

These messages are intended to activate what the shamans have been calling your lightbody. These encodements are intended to contribute to the efforts of the many lightbeings who are working through human expression to bring sanctity to your human experience. The definition of “sanctity,” as the channel has just inquired, is that of profound and deep internal awareness of the sacred. We wish for all of you to begin to find the sanctity and sacredness of your human experience from within. It is the work of many on your planet at this time to begin to teach others the messages of inner sanctity. We wish to encourage and enliven this experience for as many or you as possible.

Energy Activations

The lightbody activations we are sending you now are powerful. They are nothing, of course, to fear. Often there is the human perception that if something is intended to provide energetic activation, it is somehow subversive and subliminal, and we must therefore be tinkering with your mind. We assure you that this is not the case. If any one of you is reading, feeling, or otherwise experiencing this channeling, know that it is at your own behest that you have brought this forward into your experience.