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Manifesting the Master You Are

Manifesting the Master You Are Rhonda Smith

September 2013 (24/6 [22])

The vibration of the year comes to the surface to help you recognize your deep sense of inner order and understand that you can gain information from all aspects of yourself, including your dreams. Follow your inner knowing as the master builder of the material plane urges you to use all your abilities as the master you are and make them part of your life. You came to assist all to move to truth and order with compassion and love. Draw on your magnificence to do that. Your goal is to use this to serve as your final step to understanding this reality.

September 1 to September 7, 2013 (25/7)

You start the month with the energies that help you use the scientific method — physical structure — to blend with spirit and access both your wisdom and your gifts. This gives you clarity of vision about the reality of life that has been veiled for a very long time. This gives you a sense of security to continue on the great adventure of being a spirit in a body suit having a physical experience to evolve your understanding of yourself. There is a bit of impulsiveness associated with this once you experience the real you, so use your wisdom in a meaningful way, and you’ll balance this impulsiveness. Evolution is about uniting mind (physical) and heart (spirit) to become the fullness of yourself in your manifested life. You goal is to use this opportunity to search for the truth and see beyond your veils on the material plane.

You start the week with an intensification of the week’s vibration so that you’re pushed to move on this balancing. Thursday you have the master messenger energies telling you to emphasize spirit in your interactions. Listen to the messages that are there for direction and balance in your physical life. Monday is an easy flowing day. Use that energy to examine anything in your life, often events occurring spontaneously, that might prevent you from taking the action necessary to reap your harvest as Tuesday brings you even more rewards to share.