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Making Better Choices

Making Better Choices Stephanie Clement

The same three stars mentioned in last month’s article will grace the early afternoon and position themselves overhead again in September — just a little later in the day. This month Dubhe, Merak, and Praecipua all fall between the Sun and Moon shortly before the new moon on September 5. As the Moon moves forward, it brings the light and message of the three stars directly to the Sun.

Dubhe and Merak, the bright pointer stars in the Big Dipper, point to the polestar in one direction and to the brightest star in Leo Minor in the other. Kratu, Dubhe’s rishi or sage, and Pulaha, Merak’s rishi, continue to encourage the very human qualities of humility and patience. Kratu is said to have fathered 60,000 pygmy sages. Pulaha sired three sons who fulfill the inherited wisdom foreseen by Vishnu.

The 60,000 sages remind me of the Buddha of compassion who has enough arms to aid all who suffer and to deliver compassion to each of us. The three sons relate to the wisdom we each may gain through our own efforts. Let us explore the nature of the messages from the rishis in greater detail now, using the Tarot cards that represent Virgo — Isis Veiled — and the Queen of Swords.