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Great Changes Are Coming

Great Changes Are Coming Gaia through Cristi Jenkins

Greetings, beloveds, I am Gaia. I am many and I am One. I am the breath of the waters, yet I am the heart of the embers. Indeed I am many things that seem to contradict your understanding of what can go together in your world and what cannot.

It is all well, dear ones, for in those times when life does not go so well, know that there is wisdom and love that exists behind every disturbance that concerns you about the world on which you live.

Some of you — no, I should say many of you — call out to me and say, “Why is there no peace on Earth? Why do the wars, contentions, and strife all seem to be worsening? When will it end?” It will end, dear ones. Eventually, the light of love will become so strong on Earth that these warring ways will no longer be tolerated. You will see much that will pass in your lifetime. Even within the next ten years of Earth time, you will see great changes.