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Focus Brings Enlightenment

Focus Brings Enlightenment Waymas through Abby Isadora Haydon

We are the group called Waymas. We have spoken to you before. We come again to speak of your mind and the experiences that are within your grasp. This time we would like to share the idea that you are able to use your mind in many ways. We would also like to have you know that your mind is changing. It is evolving, as is all of your body.

You will notice in the months to come that your mind will become more orderly. This is really a byproduct of enlightenment. As enlightenment comes into your life, you will find that your mind will naturally create great order and focus. This refined functioning of the mind will begin to manifest in your lives this year and through the next five years.

We are sharing this information because many have already begun to feel this phenomenon happening to them within their daily lives. After the energetic alignment of 12–21–2012, many have begun to feel the effects of enlightenment. They are feeling a great ease or flow of energy working in their lives. You may notice that you have greater focus for what you wish to achieve. You may be feeling that what you wish to manifest comes much easier, and you may experience more joy and harmony in life. These are all signs that enlightenment is beginning to take hold in your life.