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Energy Shifts for Spiritual Lightworkers

Energy Shifts for Spiritual Lightworkers Archangel Metatron through Jill Harrison

Blessings to one and all. The universal energies at this time are working toward influencing all humans to become deeply connected to their spirituality and to discover the spiritual life lesson of compassion. For many humans, this will be felt on a collective level. Those who are lightworkers will be affected by these energy shifts through a desire to create a greater impact on, or be of greater service to, society. Many of you can utilize these current energies to attain heightened awareness. It will be natural to feel drawn to becoming creative, particularly in music and art. This will offer you all a great opportunity to explore the nature of reality and humanity.

If you would like to make the most of these energies and if you feel the need to redefine your life, spirituality, values, or beliefs, then listen to the soul and follow its urgings. Some of you are in the midst of experiencing situations of special unhappiness in which you have to make sacrifices. During this stage of your life, you may feel it is difficult to attain that which you desire, but please remember, your life as a lightworker means that you serve the cosmic spiritual realm first. Therefore, when you are called to service, you will feel the need to withdraw completely from society. This is because we need you to go within to commune with us through meditation for healing, protection, and guidance.

It is a time to focus on life goals that bring you inner fulfilment and not physical fulfilment. As the veils of illusion are lifted, you will find it difficult to see the meaning in the practicalities of life, the repetitive tasks that are done mindlessly. You will notice the withdrawal of people into a numb state, surrounded by gadgets that control their every living moment.