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Divine Changemakers Heal the World

Divine Changemakers Heal the World The Council of 12 through Selacia

Channel’s Note: This article will help you understand recent world events and your role as a divine changemaker. The times are intense, with lots of issues coming to the surface. Relationships can be challenging, with the people you love being affected by some of the same stresses you have. Since it’s not easy living now, we need a big-picture view; we need to step back from time to time and get clarity on the reams of nonsense.

Working with Mood Swings

Feeling moodier than usual lately? Perhaps you’re wondering if it’s just the world getting crazier, or if your tolerance level for nonsense has been exceeded. Even the most levelheaded person could have had some topsy-turvy moments recently. The news has been full of reporting on mass shootings in typically tranquil places, unsettling economic trends, citizen uprisings, business cover-ups, and even governments spying on everyday citizens.

For many people, anxiety is heightened when digesting the constant parade of disturbing events. There’s nervousness in the air, even if you don’t feel the day’s news will impact you on a personal level. You could be feeling it even if you don’t watch the news! After all, you are aware of the inseparable connection between all things. You know that you don’t live on an isolated island, untouched by crisis happening elsewhere. Above all, you want a peaceful and loving world, and disturbing happenstance reminds you that much needs to happen to shift the balance into light.

Yes, the world does need healing. An overhaul of society is taking place, but it’s messy and may seem slow from a linear perspective. In quantum terms, though, the changes under way have built a momentum and progress that cannot be seen with typical human eyes. A lot is happening behind the scenes.