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Discovering the More of You

Discovering the More of You Expanded Consciousness through Miriandra Rota

Greetings! We are Expanded Consciousness, and we come forth to speak with you concerning cause and effect as they deliver to you the next phase through which you can and will journey in order to know yourself better and to experience the fulfillment of your purposes, large and small.

During your many journeys on Earth, you have discovered that in certain instances you seemed to grow tried or even bored of your own participation within cause and effect. You then either changed your manner of relating to the journey or, in many instances, you ceased to participate in that journey and began another, and the new journey began to give you something different. The new journey perhaps gave you some challenges. And the new journey gave you an opportunity to explore your own, what you call, potential — your own ability to expand your creativity. And the way you expanded your creativity was to create, to create either a new you or a persona that would better fit the new journey.

Defining “the More”

All of this changing, exploring, and creating brought many to that moment wherein there was a realization, and the realization was one that you say, in your slang vocabulary, stopped you in your tracks. What was the realization? It was this: You became aware that though you were an individual, you were not only part of the whole but you needed that whole. You discovered that you needed more, and the more wasn’t in the form of success, money, love, or a different geographical location. The more was bigger.